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  2. Oh yeah? I'll have to check into that! I loves me some Star Trek!
  3. I believe it is a new TV series on CBS.
  4. Interesting! 😄 Is this a special they're making, or something else?
  5. The first trailer / teaser for Star Trek: Picard is out! It does not revel much, but still looks like it could be cool!
  6. Yesterday
  7. *Comes in, notices Haldamir talking to a beautiful woman. Feels a twinge of jealousy, reaches out to hold his hand and make it clear they're a couple.* Hello, and welcome! 🙂 Tell us about yourself. I'd love to learn more.
  8. *Regards Sylvania with friendly curiosity* I have not seen your species before. Are you a tree nymph? I have heard stories of such creatures.
  9. View Character Sylvania Ancient Dryad who is a birch tree and woman at the same time. She is mobile. Owner Theodora3 Created on 05/23/2019 Species dryad Age 3,000 years more or less Alignment Good Occupation Residence A grove of trees in Maryland, USA  
  10. 😱 I found this in my spam! I sent it to primary, but... 😱
  11. Hopefully this is cleared up now. Please just let me know if you continue to experience any issues.
  12. Last week
  13. Well, they certainly don't know what Ferrel means!
  14. I noticed I didn't get any email notification yesterday when I should have. Just want to make sure you knew about it.
  15. Mine says: According to a user from Utah, United States, the name Alley is of Unknown origin and means "Goddess of the meadow".
  16. Check out what you name means. Mine is of Irish origin and means "Little King". I don't know about all that, but it is still pretty cool! https://www.names.org/
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  18. Okay, I have a tough one here. Most people will more than likely prefer the Demons song from Imagine Dragons. But I like the version better from the Passion soundtrack. I admit I am a little biased, because I am a fan of Chris Daughtry. See what you thank..
  19. If you are into what dreams mean than checkout 8 Dream Signs You Shouldn't Ignore. After that see what type of spirit follows you around? I got an Ancestral spirit. All in good fun!
  20. Up next is another awesome cover to Blue Oyster Cult's '(Don't Fear) The Reaper' by Sever Your Ties!
  21. I do not know if there are any other classic video game players out there, but I had to post this. This is a collection from Konami for there 50th Anniversary. First up and the best is Castlevania Collection with eight games for 19.99 coming out 05/16/19 Second is Contra collection and lastly is an Arcade collection. I am planning on buying the Castlevania on Nintendo Switch, but all of them are great for any classic gamer! These are download only. https://www.konami.com/games/50th/ac/us/en/
  22. I'm super confused. Why is she trying to make ice stepping stones in the ocean? Guess we'll have to see the movie to find out. 🙂
  23. Good cover. More bite than the original.
  24. These will test your brain. Just for fun to see how fast/ creative your brain work. According to this test anyway.
  25. What seems like to long awaited Frozen 2 is coming out this fall!
  26. Another good cover of a Toto song Africa! This is by Quitedrive.
  27. My wife and I were talking about our favorite movie series. Mine Twilight and hers being Lord Of The Rings. The is one thing they have in common. Hobbit and Twilight anyway) Lee Pace as Elf King or as Vampire. You decide? Also see what Twilight character are you like most. I got Edward! https://www.allthetests.com/quiz26/quiz/1258994815/What-Twilight-character-are-you-like-most
  28. The new Sonic movie is coming out soon. I remember playing just about every Sonic game on Sega. After the trailer came out many people did not like the Sonic that they used. So Sonic is getting a new movie design Paramount Pictures. See what you think.
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