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Night Stalker

Night Stalker

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Night Stalker

Night Stalker is the head of the Elemental elite trainers. He trains the best of the best and has done so for longer than anyone can remember. 

He is a man that has spent a lifetime serving his people. While he trains the best, he is not above helping with even the lowest tasks. He has been known to stop and help those in need whenever he has a chance. It has earned him the respect of his people, and even the nobles work to earn his trust and respect. 

While Night Stalker is a fair and a just man, he is also a deadly enemy. He holds no respect for those who hurt people who can not defend themselves and is known to use terrifying methods to kill his enemies. Rumor is he does it to discourage others from following suit. Whatever the reason, it works, and few would dare to cross him. 


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    Older than dirt
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