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Ava is a sassy fun loving woman. She and her twin sister were abandoned by their mother and her sister was targeted by a corrupt Lord. Ava took on a mothering role to her sister and did her best to shelter her. As a result she has a sense of humor that is a little harsh at times. It also left her with a distrust of others. 

When her biological father swooped back into her life, she met her half sister Ella who took her and her twin in. Ava has done her best to be responsible, and now she is free to try all those things she was never allowed to, like chocolate. 

Ava works for the local blacksmith as a weapons tester and designer. She is always looking for a way to improve a weapon, or a new metal to work with. 

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    Half dragon
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    Weapons tester
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31 minutes ago, Alley said:

*spots Adal leaving as she walks up and smirks* You're not scared of my sister... Are you? 

Me? Scared? Pfft!! *Sticks his chin up in the air, arrogant* Nothing scares me. Especially not a girl.

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*grins* Then you'll want to meet her! *Links arm through his and drags him in. *

*Whispers* Don't worry, she doesn't bite. Yet. *louder* Ava! I want you to meet my friend, Adal. *lets go of his arm and gives him a small push forward.* 

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