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Darion Leerin

Darion Leerin is a were-fox dealing in information. He can usually be found lurking in the 'dark' corner of some large city if he's not being dragged along on some adventure with Shadow. He's protective of friends and will go to great lengths to help them.

He's highly skilled with magic, loves puzzles and tricks, and travels far in the magic world and even to dimensions beyond.

Darion usually carries a strange looking cane of a beautiful gem-like red wood, gold, and carved ivory. When needed, he can summon a magic pair of weapons, a dagger and shortsword, which he uses with deadly skill.


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    Information Broker/Adventurer
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* realizes cookies are gone. Pins him with an angry look as she crosses her arms.* Hey! Those are the only cookies before dinner. *stomps foot* Shadow's going to be mad you ate her cookie too. 

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Posted (edited)

*eyes widen* Don't deliver them in her hair again! *starts backing up* I don't want to be caught in the middle of this one. Last time she threatened to turn you into a pink stripped lama named Sprinkles and let the village kids try to break you in. 

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