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Rune Crimsonwing

Rune Crimsonwing is small in stature, but large on sarcastic, biting remarks. She is of the Crimsonwing family, Vampires of the magic realms who were magically altered to the point of only being vampires in appearance and ancestry, long ago having been redeemed from the necromantic curse that created them in the first place.

They differ from their brethren in that they no longer need blood to sustain themselves, but a special 'crimson' energy concoction. They have trained themselves to the height of their magic and physical ability, becoming a name which is feared. One Crimsonwing vampire can doom for an entire enclave of cultists, whom they hunt restlessly.

Rune herself was named after a vampire in history who helped to overthrow those known as Vampire Lords, merciless rulers over the human population of an entire continent. Her parents saw the potential for her to become great in the Crimsonwing family as a whole. However, her trainer was fel-corrupted and tried to break Rune, causing her to flee from the family and become stunted in both physical growth and power.

Many years have passed since then. Rune now travels where she is wishes, often being found in the company of one traveling merchant named Nicholas.

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