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Shadow Lightbringer

Shadow Lightbringer is a dimension hopping adventurer. Infused with elemental shadows before birth by a curse meant to kill both her and her mother, she has the distinct ability to 'shadow-shift' her form into a variety of humanoid and animal forms. There is the rumor she may even possess a Draconic form, but that is unconfirmed.

Rock solid in character, she goes where she feels called to help those less fortunate, even if that means delving into a crypt with an angry lich waiting inside. Much to the dismay of her adventuring buddies at the time.

She is adept with magic, able to cast on the fly and take the time for more complex things should the need arise. Shadow carries what looks to be a dark wood shepherd's staff, wrapped with a inscribed purple ribbon near the beginning of the crook, with a red chinese silk lantern hanging from the tip of the crook itself. The lantern is always lit with a soft golden glow and has gold rune designs embroidered on it.

Shadow herself normally wears a loose teal blue linen shirt of the 70s style, black stretch pants which flare at the bottom, and black lace-up leather boots. Her hair is always done up in a loose bun with tufts of hair sticking out to the side.

When she's adventuring, she dons a light tan leather vest, matching pants, and knee high boots. Her woven belt carries nothing but a magic bag for holding a variety of items from magic trinkets, tomes, and potions. Shadow is never seen carrying a weapon.

Shadow saved Ella when she escaped The Group and brought her to a sanctuary, where two of Shadow's aging friends could help care for her when Shadow was called away to other things.

While she is loyal to those she calls friend, fun loving, and a tad mischievous, Shadow is a deadly thorn to anyone who threatens the innocent.

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