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    New beginnings

    *Haldamir walks in, smiles, and wraps his arm around Eva.* Mae govannen. It is good to see you all here.
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    Characters Haldamir

    Haldamir is a Silvan elf who lives in the Alatariel elf village. He is married to Eva and runs a blacksmith shop that specializes in magically enhanced weapons.
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    New beginnings

    *Eva walks in, smiles, and gives Adal a hug.* Adal, it's great to see you here! Haldamir is on his way, too. Who else do you think will be along?
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    Characters Eva

    Eva was born to a human father. Later in life she found out her mother is a fae. She is married to the elf Haldamir. She is close friends with Adal.
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    New beginnings

    *Walks in, looks around, curious what this place is about.* Hello? Anyone here?
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    Characters Adal

    Adal Taendirion was born to a human mother and an elvish father. He is 6'2" tall, the pointed ears of an elf and blonde hair and bright green eyes. He currently lives in the Elvish village of Alatariel. Adal runs a shop that sells medieval replicas of weapons and wares. The shop is located in a...
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    Fandoms Lord of the Rings Cast Campaign to Preserve Tolkien House

    This looks like a very interesting and worthwhile project. Full article: Lord of the Rings Cast Campaign to Preserve Tolkien House
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    Fandoms Thranduil In Middle Earth History

    Love these videos! 🙂
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    Fandoms The Hobbit Trilogy All Deleted Scenes

    Me too! 🙂
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    Fandoms The Lord of The Rings Trilogy 4K Ultra HD

    Nice! 🙂 I'm hoping they release some previously unseen footage, as well. 🤞
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    Fandoms Loki - New Series

    This looks like a lot of fun! 😄 I think Loki is one of the most interesting characters in the series.
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    Fandoms Aragorn Flashback - Romantic LOTR Scene

    Just saw an article where Viggo Mortensen revealed a scene that was shot as a flashback in Lord of the Rings of the romance between Aragorn and Arwen. I sure hope this makes it into the new 4K edition coming out soon! From the article...
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    Just for Fun Which Star Trek Character Are You?

    I got Worf. 😄 You are trained in the art of combat and are usually intimidating. Not sure how I ended up with Worf, but I'm happy about it. He's my favorite character in the Star Trek franchise, followed by Data.