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  1. After you've signed in and created a character, you will see an icon at the very top of the site that looks like this: Clicking on the icon will bring up the chat account list. Select the character (or main account) from that list to choose a chat personality.
  2. Thanks, Morrigan! I'll check it out. 🙂
  3. Thanks for letting me know. I went ahead and fixed it for you. 🙂 When you first paste into the text editor, a black box should appear asking if you want to preserve formatting or paste in plain text. If you select that you want to paste in plain text, it should strip out the bold (and other formatting). I know this works on desktop, but you'll have to test it out and let me know if it works on your particular phone.
  4. Hopefully this is cleared up now. Please just let me know if you continue to experience any issues.
  5. Yes, that is a feature I plan to implement. ?
  6. I appreciate you letting me know. I believe it's because the main system and the chat are actually two different systems/servers. The timeout is probably set differently on each. Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about the chat timeout, since it's a hosted service (and not actually on our servers). The good news is, it's not a security issue, just more of an annoyance. ?
  7. Ah, ok. ? It's in the editor when you go to post or reply. The button looks like this:
  8. The link for this is under Roleplay > Species Wiki Still working on fleshing everything out. It's a huge amount of work. ? Thanks ?
  9. Interesting! I love little trivia bits like this. ?
  10. oodal


    Humans are native to the planet Earh.
  11. Wanted to give you all an update on progress for the site and give all the opportunity to discuss and recommend upcoming features. Here is what I have so far. Please let me know your thoughts. green - complete and/or needs testing red - in progress Character & RolePlay Improvements 1) Option to automatically start an announcement topic when a new character is created. This is similar to the Meets & Greets on CW, except for characters. I'm thinking this can be an in-character forum where existing characters can greet the newbie, comment, or ask questions about the new character. New characters are automatically added here, and any updates within the character system will also update your character's thread. complete. Check it out here and be sure to leave (in character) comments for other characters. I'm especially looking forward to this feature. ? 2) Species & Settings Wiki - This will be a community-owned wiki where we can all contribute and add information about the different character species and places - done, needs testing. Check it out under Roleplay > Species Wiki. 3) Documentation on how to use the character and roleplay features - done. Check it out under Roleplay > Roleplay FAQ & Info 4) Create new Roleplay sections and forums - in progress Content Creators & Stories 1) Forum for content creators - general discussion - done, link is here 2) Create a button in the WYSIWYG editor to paste directly from MS Word while preserving formatting. - done, needs testing. Someone with Word please feel free to test and let me know the results 3) Create the first private club for critiques - done, in the clubs section. Members can add more as needed. 4) Correct bug in point system - in progress 5) Resources section - planned for future 6) Documentation for features and submission formatting and guidelines - in progress Also, Giphy is now enabled on the site. Enjoy!
  12. Rules for our open roleplay board are listed below. Additional items may be added as needed. Please note that private roleplay clubs on the site set their own rules, which may be different from the ones listed below. Ask the club owner for rules within that group. The Open Roleplay forum is visible to the public. Please keep it clean and family friendly. Any sexual discussion is limited to innuendo, and no graphic gore or violence is permitted. Play your own characters, only. Unless you have permission from the character's creator/author, you may not write a scenario that utilizes another character, changes their status, harms or kills them, or affects their relationship with other characters. Do not create over-powered or "perfect" characters. Give each character a realistic balance of pros/cons and strengths/weaknesses. Do not break species or story lore. Stay within the typical abilities for a species. For instance, a typical vampire doesn't have the spell-casting powers of a wizard. A typical human being can't sprout wings and fly away from a bad situation. Always show respect and kindness toward other players. Our characters may clash and have all sorts of drama, but this is all in fun and should be treated as such.
  13. The term OOC is an abbreviation for "Out of Character." This is used in the roleplaying sections where the author makes a comment that is not said by the character, but is meant as an informal note or comment. Example roleplay post using OOC:
  14. Looks good! Thanks for posting this!
  15. Follow these simple steps to create a roleplay character: 1) In the main navigation, click Roleplay > Characters. This will take you to the character screen. As an alternative you can access the screen directly here. 2) Click the "Create New Character" button. 3) Fill out the information about your character, then click "Save." Congratulations! You've created a new character. A topic with your new character's information will be automatically generated in the New Character Announcements forum. Other characters will welcome your new character by posting to the topic.
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