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  1. It means you are amazingly unique and don't have to worry about answering when a stranger calls your name only to find out they were talking to someone else.
  2. ? I found this in my spam! I sent it to primary, but... ?
  3. I noticed I didn't get any email notification yesterday when I should have. Just want to make sure you knew about it.
  4. Mine says: According to a user from Utah, United States, the name Alley is of Unknown origin and means "Goddess of the meadow".
  5. ? I just realized I said to 'home your craft.' Apparently, we are now homing pigeons. ?
  6. I don't think it's off topic. I think it's all about voice. This guy has an amazing voice no matter what he sings. I think if your writing voice is as amazing, you hold the potential to cross genres without losing readers. Now that does not mean they will buy the other genres if they do not like that kind of story, only that they will not stop reading what they do like. In other words, home your craft, whatever that might be.
  7. It does sound like that! ? He is an older singer that was popular in the 50s and 60s although he made albums up until 2003. I believe this song was released in the 60s, you know, before people lost their minds if you liked/sang more than one type of music.
  8. Yes, he is a country singer with a good voice. Here is the original song.
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