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  1. Docks Shadow groaned. "C'mon guys. Keep walking." She glanced back sharply. "And keep your eyes on the crowd, not each other. There's suspicious people around." Rune frowned as she walked beside Nick, pulling her hood a little closer. "No kidding.. I've seen two pickpockets and one black market dealer already."
  2. Docks Shadow rolled her eyes and gestured for the team to head out. "C'mon guys. Lets get to the wagon. I think the reindeer are about to burst through the crowd." She put an arm around Ella's shoulders and lead the way through the crowds. Rune looked at the two brothers and huffed. "Let's go children." She glided up beside Nick and poked him in the stomach playfully before taking her place walking beside him.
  3. Docks Shadow chuckled and gestured. "Probably Ella and Rune. I believe the blonde one and Hex prefer to walk." Her smile turned knowing. "You know I have my own methods for travel once we get out of the city." "I see you've gotten yourself a free dinner out of the deal, Nick." Rune grinned as she cut her eyes at Hex. "I heard something about barbecue." Shadow glanced over. "Now Rune, don't torment him too much." Rune crossed her arms. "Me? I only torment Mr Flattery over there."
  4. Ion Lightcatcher lives a humble life after his fall from grace, until the day a cult takes over a town. Then he has a choice, risk his life to save the townsfolk or flee.
  5. The Docks Rune rolled her eyes as Titan slipped up beside them. "Oh god.. It's you." Shadow smiled happily at Nicholas. "We're just greeting a friend who was waiting for us." She waved at Titan vaguely before continuing. "I'm so glad you are here! Can we hitch a ride on your wagon? These crowds are absurd!"
  6. *He looks at the plate of cookies in his hand and shrugs* I only ate one. *Grins* She can't be too mad at me if I deliver them back to the kitchen.
  7. *Clears his throat and smiles sheepishly* Yes.. Just around that corner. *points, then sneak-teleports the cookies to his hand and eats one*
  8. *Walks in, whistling.. Then pauses to take a look at Liam* Ah.. An interesting fellow. I'll have to keep my eye on you.
  9. Shadow glanced at the docks, then turned to Ella and grinned. "We only have to make it to Nicholas' wagon over there. I'm sure he'll let us hitch a ride." She headed down off of the ship, leading the way with a merry tune. Rune glided behind her like a shadow, her hood pulled close. "Excuse me! Coming through! Thank you!" Shadow parted the crowds in front of the party, making her way straight for Nicholas' wagon.
  10. Only long enough to see you exit it, Hex. *smirks menacingly*
  11. *appears in a flash of crimson light and grin* Ah! the smooth talking, Titan is here. Did you bring along Coal? He's much better company.
  12. *arches an eyebrow at the imposing figure of Matthias* Well.. Hello scruffy.
  13. Aw.. I guess I'm too late with the freshly baked cookies. *Walks out, flicking tail back and forth as if she were upset.. but is hiding a grin*
  14. *Frowns and looks down on the vampire in her normal haughty manner* I work alone.. *She considers for a moment.* However.. I am willing to do business. *her lips curl into a cruel smile*
  15. Ah.. If it isn't mr Grumpus! *waves with a laugh* I'm glad you made it to the party.
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