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  1. A snake charming queen? What an odd mix.
  2. Walden Media still maintains the rights to Narnia. It just means Disney owns the existing movies and can bundle them together. I believe Disney would have to make a further deal with Walden to do anything more related to the series.
  3. DOCKS "Oh? Is he now?" asked Nicholas with a grin. "We don't use stables so there's nothing to clean... However, they do have discerning palets..."
  4. DOCKS "Hm hm." Nick placed his hands on his hips and looked at them judgingly. Well, the ladies can ride on the wagon. The gentlemen can walk... That is... Unless they would be interested in helping to groom some reindeer and cooking dinner?" He smirked. "Somone did mention dinner?"
  5. DOCKS Nick looked around at the group. "That depends on how many would be riding." He smirked. "It seems like you've got quite the crowd here of your own."
  6. Okay, as one who was once in game development, this is awesome. It reminds me of one of the things I've seen about video game and movie music before. Things were simpler and carried tunes that you could easily hum. They had a good central beat to them. From Mario, to Darth Vader theme. Those rank as some of the most memorable songs because you can hum the base rhytm/tune easily. When you get to the more complex music... It might be awesome, but how well does the tune stick into your head?
  7. NICHOLAS (Accidentally posted under my main accout and don't have the option to change my character in an edit.) On the Docks (In previous roleplay forums, one of the practices is to preface each character's post with their location in bold letters. It makes it easier to track where everyone is in relation to each other.) Nick looked down from his wagon as his friends were waylaid by Titan. Hmph. Bruiser stamped at the wooden dock and tugged against his harness. "Easy!" yelled Nick. "This isn't the place to go tromping off on your own! I'll go see what's keeping our good friends delayed." With that, Nick leaped off the wagon and strolled over. "Shadow! Rune! What seems to be going on here?!" he called with a grin.
  8. View Character Nicholas Nicholas is a five foot four man with white hair, long beard, and a jovial appearance. He is also a bit well rounded in the mid-section. He is a master trader that roves about on the riding board of his large enclosed cargo wagon that has enough room inside for humble living quarters. He typically wears a humble brown leather pants held up by suspenders, a white shirt tucked into his pants, and a brown woolen jacket. His wagon is pulled by a team of eight large reindeer. Owner TheFox Created on 02/05/2019 Species Human Age Alignment Occupation Traveling Merchant Residence  
  9. On the Dock Nicholas looked off toward the ship as the excited reindeer pulled at the reins. "Yes, yes!" replied Nick with mild laughter. "I see them. We need to wait until they join us on the docks." The reindeer seemed to almost talk among themselves and the glance back at Nick. Nick sighed. "No, we won't do that." He laughed. "I don't imagine that it would be good to startle everyone like that."
  10. A portly man with with white hair and beard rode into town on the buckboard of his large cargo wagon pulled by eight large reindeer. He glanced around with discerning eyes at the various shady characters scattered about. If I didn't have to pick up some merchandise here... "Be on your guard! You know what can happen in a place like this!" One of the reindeer snorted and glanced back. It nodded and looked around. Suddenly, it cried out in an excited reindeer voice upon spotting Rune.
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