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  1. Oh yeah? I'll have to check into that! I loves me some Star Trek!
  2. Interesting! ? Is this a special they're making, or something else?
  3. *Comes in, notices Haldamir talking to a beautiful woman. Feels a twinge of jealousy, reaches out to hold his hand and make it clear they're a couple.* Hello, and welcome! ? Tell us about yourself. I'd love to learn more.
  4. *Regards Sylvania with friendly curiosity* I have not seen your species before. Are you a tree nymph? I have heard stories of such creatures.
  5. I'm super confused. Why is she trying to make ice stepping stones in the ocean? Guess we'll have to see the movie to find out. ?
  6. Good cover. More bite than the original.
  7. For me: Your Estimated Life Expectancy: 86 75% Chance you'll live to 78. Your life expectancy is a bit less than other people your age, (1.7years less than average). Looks like I'll croak before you after all. ?
  8. Checking everything out ? 

    1. oodal


      What do you think? 🙂

  9. Hey, is that Bard? ? Yeah, it looks like an interesting movie. I'd watch it.
  10. That's ok, he still looks better than most mortal men! ?
  11. Interesting! I'm supposedly an INTJ so: Yep. Bulls-eye. ?
  12. The remake looks scary! ? But the 80's version is pretty campy. ?
  13. I am also a Queen in my past life. Ok. I'll own that. ? You were a queen! Your personality reveals that you were a powerful and enchanting queen in your past life! You were seductive, romantic, strong, determined, and a true lover of the arts. You were admired by your kingdom and relentlessly pursued by the all the men (and even the ladies!) of your realm. Your beauty still shines through in this life and it's clear to all who know you that you're royalty at heart. You are irresistible and draw all of your lovers like moths to a flame. What do you think about having been a queen? Let us know, your highness! Professionally, I was a: Snake Charmer Snake charming dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt and in your past life, you were a magical master of this hypnotizing and sacred practice! Snake charmers were considered to be very high status members of society who would play an flute like instrument known as pungi in order to lure snakes from a basket for the purpose of religious practice and entertainment. It's no wonder that with your mesmerizing aura and alluring confidence that you were so good at your job!
  14. I did enjoy The Booze Traveler while it was on. I'm so sorry to hear Jack Maxwell was diagnosed with cancer and wish him the very best in his fight. But a show about pot? Nah, I'll pass. I know it's the big trend now, but I've personally witnessed too many good friends lose themselves down that road. It changed them, and not for the better. The saddest part is, they couldn't even see it happening and were in complete denial. I'm not trying to judge anyone, especially someone who is seeking an alternative treatment for cancer. But personally, I'll pass. It does look like an interesting show if you're into that sort of thing, though. ?
  15. He looks mighty fine either way! ?
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