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  1. Love it! I'm so exited! 😀 Although, I hear there's no Worf! He's my favorite character, so that's disappointing.
  2. Welcome, Titan. *nods in greeting*
  3. Hello, Titan! 😊 Good to see you!
  4. What is an outhouse hole? Never mind, I don't want to know. 😐
  5. *Feels a twinge of guilt for leading the woman on and ruining her dress. Discreetly adds a few twenties to the money he plans to pay for training* Eva will forgive me. She always does. 😎
  6. *texts back* I don't know. That sounds dangerous. *The woman closes in and has dog mess all over her shoes. Adal gags and texts back* YES. Ok. Anything. A favor. Now please.
  7. Date?! *Adal gulps as he sees the brunette make her way across the room towards him. He looks at the others in the room with big green pleading eyes, hoping someone will bail him out.*
  8. *Haldamir smirks, grabs a roll of paper towels, and thrusts them at Adal.* You will need these. Have fun. 😄 *Leaves with Eva, his arm still wrapped around her shoulders*
  9. *Walks back in the door, sees the crowd of people sitting around eating popcorn* I should have picked up more beer. 😐
  10. *texts back* So you're saying I should just burn the place down? I'll pick up a lighter on the way home.
  11. *Adal texts Ella* Is the coast clear?
  12. *Eva snuggled against Haldamir's chest. All was forgiven. For him, at least. Adal was another story.*
  13. In nature, red is the color used to warn predators of danger. Haldamir knew from experience that Eva's red hair served as warning of a very. bad. temper. There was only one way out of this--at least one way that didn't end up with him sleeping on the couch for an extended period of time. He usually wasn't one for PDAs, but this called for an exception. Haldamir stepped forward, pulled Eva close, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before she could react. He pulled Eva in front of him and wrapped his arms around her waist possessively, then addressed the other woman. I belong to Eva. But Adal will be back shortly. I believe he wishes to purchase a number of training sessions for his new dog. The woman looked disappointed. I hear they are quite expensive and you will make a nice commission. You are welcome to stay here and wait for him as long as you'd like. That seemed to perk the woman up.
  14. *Ella receives a text from Adal* Enjoy the popcorn. This is where it gets interesting. 😉 How stupid does Haldamir think I am? 😆
  15. 😲 Clearly there has been a mistake. I have never seen this woman before in my life. The woman comes in, looks Haldamir up and down, and smiles. No, but you're just as cute. If the other one isn't available...
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