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  1. Tiki is under pressure to find an atmosphere showing how his planet's is supposed to be. But a disease and a selfish crewmember force him to make a decision to do something he never dreamed possible. The Air Force go-to crash investigator, Ron Reed is about to be tested in the most extreme event of his career. Forcing him to depend on his faith and changing his life forever.
  2. I like the start, looks like most of the characters are introduced. Niles seems to be a thorn. Good going.
  3. Wrong 2, this is the one I was referring to.
  4. I know you're still building the site, but I don't see anything for number 2, or I would test it. Maybe I'm missing it. Was looking for section and posting guidelines and such but can't find it in help and support. Site looks nice though and I'm sure it will be great once you get it done and fully functional.
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