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Story Summary

Indie Azaz is a slave, an assassin, and fifteen years ago started a rebellion by offering the one thing that was forbidden: compassion.

Isabella (Raven) Mandaler is the daughter of a rival assassin leader, a cursed woman, deadly in her own right, and running for her life

When these two rivals become allies, the past and the present collide, and they must fight together to save those left behind. Will freedom and the chance to forge a new family be worth the price?



Chapter 1

No one was sad to see him die, no one except me.  I had heard the whispers about him all my life, things they called him even now — pirate, warrior, traitor, murderer, but not me.  I called him Father. A week had passed since they lowered him into the cold hard ground.  A week since the Lord’s brother threatened to make me his mistress, whether I wanted to be or not. The frigid winter wind hit my face as I stood over his grave.  I wanted to cry but refused. Tears could not help him, no



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