1. Skriva

    Characters Haldamir

    Haldamir is a Silvan elf who lives in the Alatariel elf village. He is married to Eva and runs a blacksmith shop that specializes in magically enhanced weapons.
  2. Skriva

    Characters Adal

    Adal Taendirion was born to a human mother and an elvish father. He is 6'2" tall, the pointed ears of an elf and blonde hair and bright green eyes. He currently lives in the Elvish village of Alatariel. Adal runs a shop that sells medieval replicas of weapons and wares. The shop is located in a...
  3. oodal

    Item Lembas Bread

    Lembas is a special type of waybread made by the elves. One small bite can fill the stomach of a grown man. From The Tolkien Gateway Wiki: Lembas was made first by Yavanna from special corn that grew in Aman, and Oromë gave it to the Elves of the Great Journey. For this reason, it was an Elven...
  4. Skriva

    Fandoms Aragorn Flashback - Romantic LOTR Scene

    Just saw an article where Viggo Mortensen revealed a scene that was shot as a flashback in Lord of the Rings of the romance between Aragorn and Arwen. I sure hope this makes it into the new 4K edition coming out soon! From the article...