Fandoms Aragorn Flashback - Romantic LOTR Scene


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Apr 12, 2020
Just saw an article where Viggo Mortensen revealed a scene that was shot as a flashback in Lord of the Rings of the romance between Aragorn and Arwen. I sure hope this makes it into the new 4K edition coming out soon!

From the article:

“There was a scene that we shot as a sort of memory flashback,” Mortensen said. “It was from the courtship days when he first met Arwen – and we shot it just before we were taking a break so I was clean-shaven and prettied up. They’d tried to make me look as young as possible. I had different hair and I was dressed like an elf.”

“It was a scene from the book where they’re walking in this flowery meadow,” the actor continued. “It was a beautiful sequence but obviously it wasn’t needed for the movie. I’ve never seen it but I enjoyed shooting that scene. It’d be nice to see it actually, it’s not in the extended editions either.”