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In our fictional universe, elves are based on a mix of the works of JRR Tolkien and Northern European mythology. Most other species view elves as beautiful, graceful and honorable, but deadly if crossed. They are both respected by their friends and feared by their enemies.

Physical Characteristics

Elves have pointed ears and are considered one of the most beautiful species. They are typically taller than humans. Elves have long hair of either silver, blonde, brown, red, or black and consider luxurious locks to be a mark of beauty. Hair can be curly, wavy, or straight. With very few exceptions, adult males do not have facial hair like other species.

Elves have excellent hearing and vision, far surpassing that of humans. They also have exceptionally fast reflexes and travel silently, especially through forests. They do not leave footprints, even in snow.

As a type of fae, elves have some power and control of nature. They can communicate with animals and impact natural elements, such as making a river rise or soothing a wild beast.

Many other races see elves as magical, but this isn't true in the traditional sense. They do not cast spells or use dark arts of any kind. However, their artistic talents and their skill so great that items crafted by the elves seem magical or charmed to other species.

Elves are immortal, although they can be killed in battle or die of grief. They do not physically age past adulthood. They are immune to sickness, disease, most poisons, and magic spells and influence.

Elves are telepathic and can speak silently with one another "between minds." They cannot read minds, and can only hear thoughts intentionally directed for them to hear. Some elves also have the "gift of foresight," which means they can foresee future events.

An elvish pregnancy lasts one year. Elves celebrate their date of conception rather than the day of their birth. Conceiving an elfling is a conscious act of will between parents and cannot happen by accident.

Social Characteristics

Elves are intrinsically good and cannot be easily corrupted.

Elves are monogamous and mate for life. Adultery and homosexuality are unthinkable to an elf. They remain pure until marriage and are completely devoted to their mate. Upon marriage, their souls become intertwined for eternity. Elves are so deeply attached that if their mate dies, the other typically dies of grief shortly afterwards.

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